Our Mission

kitchen remodeling

Top Quality, Timely, and Affordable Home Remodeling and Storage Solutions.

We are a group of experienced contractors, installers and designers that treat every project as the only project. We want you to be completely satisfied and be pratically family by the time your project is finalized.

From the time we quote, you will notice our experience and attention to detail. We want you to be completely satisfied with our process and work.

While our company is relatively new, less than a year old, our employees have over 20 years of construction, design, trim, kitchen, and finish carpentry experience. We wanted to start a business that would allow for homeowners to work with a variety of projects in their homes. As homeowners, there are always projects to be done; kitchens, baths, garages, closets are some of the most used spaces in a home. It is nice to work with families, to make these spaces more inviting and livable. Contact us for your full remodeling and addition needs.

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Why Choose Us


    We use the latest technologies to design your kitchen in 3D. You will be able to see how your kitchen is going to look before you sign off on the design. We provide full detailed color rendeing, plans and drawings so that you can see exatly what your project will look like. We know we all have buzy lifes, so we will work as much as possible around your schedule, providing online interactive 3D files of your space. Even on the go, you will be able to see your project design and process as it moves along.


    We make sure our suppliers use the best materials that give you piece of mind, long and even lifetime warranties. We guarantee every single job is done to satisfaction. From full plywood wonstruction, all our cabinets are top of the line, to lifetime warrantied hardware and accessories.

  • Knowledgeable Installers

    We know that half of a satisfactory project is the install, so we strive to be there every step of the way with qualified installers that are trained by our own head contractor with years of experience with residential and commercial construction. Some mistaques happen sometimes, but be assured that we will get it right or fix the problem. Your satisfaction is our goal.

  • All inclusive remodeling

    From simple to complex projects, we can build a house from scratch, so if you are looking for an experienced contractor to remodel your kitchen and/or bath, you've come to the right place. We can removed load bearing walls, extend rooms, build add-ons, and then finish the job with cabinets, flooring, countertops, accessories and even painting.



The best way to finance is on your terms

Financing for your Kitchen, Bath or Garage remodel or renovation is available. Quick and Easy Approval. We have teamed up with LoanPros so that we can keep the cost of renovation and remodeling projects low as possible. We can give competative kitchen and bath projects low because there is no financing fees involved and you choose the financing option that works best for you.

Home Improvement Financing


We strive for your total satisfaction.

Our installer was knowledgeable and professional. He was one step ahead until the job was complete.

- Steve P

The price they quote me could not be beat. We had waited 5 years to do and when it was all done I couln'dt beilive it: Beautiful.

- Tammy B

"Garagegear has done wonders for my garage! I always kept my garage door closed so no one could see in. Now I show it off to all my neighbors. Thank you!"

- Julie M

Our designer was very informative. His experience was noticeable as he brought up things we would not have even thought of. He is highly recomended!

- Matthew G